Exhibition Opening

September 2, 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Centre Family Dwelling

Learn more about the Pleasant Hill Shakers through their photographs and see how they are not so different from you.

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Shaker Selfies

On view September-December

Most of us walk around with a camera in our pocket. The technology of mobile phones and social media has made photography readily accessible at our fingertips.

Since its invention, photography has been an important part of people’s social lives, even the Pleasant Hill Shakers. Looking at black and white images, it can be hard for us to imagine how we are similar. The Shakers’ stern expressions and old-fashioned clothing make them seem distant and different from us, but this exhibit illustrates all that we have in common.

Learn more about the people behind the photos—about their feelings, choices and relationship with the camera. The technology of photography has changed much over time, and these advances influence how people look in photos in the past and today.

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Exhibit Events

From Tintypes to Pixels

Sept. 3  Join this lively discussion of the history of photography from its origins to today’s digital technology. Then try on 19th century garb and pose for your own new “old” photo! Learn more >>>

Photography Hike

Sept. 4  Discuss the best times of day and seasons to capture your own iconic Shaker Village shot.  Learn more >>>

Shakers in Color

Sept. 3  Learn about the technique of hand-tinting photos, then try your hand at coloring reproductions of Pleasant Hill Shaker photos using watercolors.  Learn more >>>

Shaker Photographs

Sept. 4  Go behind the scenes into the collections storage building for a rare opportunity to view original Shaker photos.  Learn more >>>

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