Exhibition Closes

August 21

Stay tuned for our next big exhibit, coming this September!

The Shaker Mammoth

On view April 1-August 21

For the Shaker men digging in the large farm field, it seemed like a typical day of work in the late fall. The weather was cloudy and cool. They used simple tools to turn over the soil. Hitting the occasional rock was never a surprise, considering the great many layers of limestone that run throughout Kentucky’s landscape. This time their tools struck something unusual. They stopped their work to investigate what was buried beneath their feet.

Imagine their surprise as they began to uncover incredibly large bones, unlike those of any animal they had ever seen before, much bigger than the cattle or horses they kept in the village.

The Shakers were well educated people and had some knowledge of popular scientific theories at the time. They believed they had discovered the bones of a mammoth. This exciting find was quickly shared with everyone in the village. The fossils were put on display and people from the surrounding area came to see them. The Shakers went back to the fields, located northwest of the village, to look for more.

Two weeks later, they made an even more thrilling discovery…

This exhibit is the story of Those Large Bones.

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Exhibit Events

Mammoth Flashlight Tour

April 2 + June 4  Grab a flashlight and go behind-the-scenes for this special tour of this exhibit with the lights OFF!

Shaker Fossils

April 2  Join us for a family workshop to learn how fossils are made, then make your own fossil footprints to take home.

Fossil Hike

April 3 + June 5  Hike through the Palisades and travel millennia in just a few miles!

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