Explore a Village at Work

Discover the Spirit of the Kentucky Shakers

Shaker Village is very much a village at work. Our farmers, historians, naturalists and many others work hard every day to share this site and carry on important Shaker legacies. From growing the organic garden, to managing prairie habitat, caring for important artifacts, restoring historic buildings and building an apiary, real work happens here!

The Historic CentreThe Farm and The Preserve are learning centers that encourage exploration and open the doors of discovery. Changing tours, talks, activities, rides, music and exhibits reveal new inspirations across our 3,000 acres every day. In addition to these daily experiences, weekend Discovery Treks, $5 After 5:00 programs and special events introduce new discoveries to guests throughout the year.

The Historic Centre

Visit The Historic Centre and let the remarkable stories, buildings and music of the Pleasant Hill Shakers paint a diverse and inspiring picture of the community that once lived here. See how preservation staff cares for our 10,000-piece collection then go behind-the-scenes to rarely seen spaces and try your hand becoming a Shaker maker.

Discover The Historic Centre

The Farm

Walk the farm for a first-hand look at the experimentation and resiliency that made Shaker farms models of innovation and efficiency. Meet the farmers and apiarists to learn tips and tricks for growing your own backyard garden then spend some time with the animals that call the farm home.

Discover The Farm

The Preserve

Go on a new nature adventure every day as you crisscross 40 miles of trails and discover the rich, diverse landscapes that drew the Shakers to this site over 200 years ago.  Explore prairies, streams and wide open spaces with naturalist staff while spotting Kentucky wildlife and wildflowers, then take a night hike, learn birding basics, and save your own native plant seeds.

Discover The Preserve

The River

Cruise the Kentucky River – down the same waterway that connected the Shakers to trading posts as far south as New Orleans. Explore the river palisades by riverboat, kayak or foot while taking in the scenic gorges and limestone outcroppings that stretch for miles. Hike the old Shaker road bed and travel through millions of years of geologic history while searching for showy spring wildflowers, ancient fossils and hidden lichen.

Discover The River

The Stable

Explore the property in the same way the Shakers would have – by horseback! Saddle up and ride the trails through Kentucky’s best backcountry then cool off and bed down your horse at The Stable. Equestrian staff not only cares for Shaker Village’s draft horses, but also offer tips to finding vista views and the best trails for your horse’s temperament.

Discover The Stable

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